Psicosíntesis Counseling

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Listening is the loving act of being fully present with another person, connected in deep empathy. The act of listening in psychosynthesis counseling is a total and unconditional acceptance of the person. It seeks to improve the quality of life of the person by supporting their potential and qualities. It is a recognition of their dignity and humanity. The psychosynthesis counselor listens without judging, affirming the self-determination capacity of the individual. True listening does not seek to change, adapt or advise the person. It is a way of being present with the other that is transformative: it allows the person to take time to reflect, to discover and be themselves, to explore their resources and to arrive to conclusions about their own path.


Awareness is the art of living joyfully, authentically and opened to the present. Awareness unfolds, it is renewed in every moment, it is an act of will. We can learn and develop this dynamic attitude towards life in three ways. First comes knowledge – awareness of who we really are; then comes love: unconditional acceptance of ourselves, our parts and conditions; finally, knowledge and acceptance lead to transformation and self –realization, awareness of the Self.


The unfolding of Self is evolution, growth and synthesis of the energies and resources that are part of ourselves and that sometimes seem veiled or find obstacles to come to expression fully. Growth is a dynamic and loving transformation of ourselves. “Psychosynthesis gives us an opportunity to evolve, to grow inwardly during the entire span of life; Psychosynthesis is an invitation is to know, to accept and acknowledge that everything that occurs gives us a unique opportunity to actively perform our synthesis”. Roberto Assagioli