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Miguel Malagreca, or simply Mike.

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist, Psychosynthesis counselor and trainer, based in Turin, northwest Italy. I graduated as a psychologist from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1998 and have been in practice ever since. I have also been a trainer of individuals and groups for several years and in different areas, including learning and communication skills, Ageless Wisdom traditions, meditation and creative work. As a counselor, I work with individuals and groups. My academic research work includes a masterís degree dissertation on ethical dilemmas in psychology and a doctoral dissertation in identity construction and culture from the University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana.


I first heard of Psychosynthesis while attending a course on Creative Meditation at the Meditation Mount en Ojai, California during the early 1990s. The course syllabus had been created jointly by Assagioli and other advanced spiritual individuals. This prompted me to study the science of meditation and its relationship with psychological wellbeing. I studied for some time with the Arcane School and, later, I joined School for Esoteric Studies in North Carolina, where Assagioli served as a member and advisor. Iím currently a student and member of this School. In the School I deepened my knowledge of Psychosynthesis, personal and transpersonal, and felt motivated to pursue a counseling degree in Psychosynthesis at the International Institute of Educational Psychosynthesis in Turin. At present Iím member and trainer of this Institute, and the editor of the Instituteís Psychosynthesis quarterly newsletter.


During my training years I also studied the Bach Therapy system, attended a two year program at the International Network for Energy Healing, and several training workshops in Transpersonal Gestalt approaches with Mabel Allerand. I served as translator for Psychosynthesis Magazine edited by the Institute of Psychosynthesis in Florence, Italy and, in 2013 I joined the group Alle Fonti at Assagioliís Archives. This group takes care of the manuscripts in the house and serves the psychosynthesis community by cataloguing the written works of Assagioli, many still unpublished.


In 2014 I created this site, Psychosynthesis Counseling. Apart from offering my private counseling services to the community, in Italy or abroad, Psychosynthesis Counseling is home of an ongoing educational group project. The online School in this site was born with a clear mission: help disseminate the spirit of Psychosynthesis, particularly to those who, for any reason, canít attend seminars or are seeking an autonomous, but group-oriented, approach to personal and transpersonal growth. In particular the School would like to bring Psychosynthesis closer to Spanish speaking communities, especially in Latin America. Join and support us!