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The School

The School of Psychosynthesis is an informal, non-profit educational initiative aimed at providing training in Psychosynthesis and Psychoenergetics to those who choose to study and practice this approach at home and at their own pace. While the School is a distance-learning project, it is nevertheless a group project.


The mission of the School is to provide self-training tools on personal and transpersonal Psychosynthesis. Training components are delivered in structured and progressive fashion, and integrates study (psychosynthesis and psychoenergy principles), subjective work (practical exercises and techniques such as journaling, creative meditation, etc.) and service (application of the principles of psychosynthesis in everyday life).


All School courses and workshops are delivered by e-mail or by way of online platforms (webconferencing, skype and others). When workshops are offered in your area, you welcome and actually encouraged to attend. Check our section on coming up events and workshops to find out more.


The courses and feedback the School provides are impersonal in nature. The School does not provide counseling, therapy or advice on students’ personal situations, circumstances or issues. Instead, the School encourages participants to use the principles of discrimination and the wisdom of the Self to generate self-awareness, and to apply and adapt the training components to their own lives.


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Other ways to engage with the School

If you are interested in Psychosynthesis and Psychoenergetics, you may want to:


  • Read some articles on Psychosynthesis and related fields
  • Register in our workshops, if you live in Italy
  • Check out our list of links for other initiatives near your area
  • If you read Italian, you might want to read the quarterly newsletter il Sé


Who is the School for?

The School welcomes individuals that wish to learn the principles and some methods of Psychosynthesis to better their own lives and their relationships, work towards an integration and synthesis of the components of the personality and, at a later stage, work on the resulting fusion of the integrated personality with the Higher Self.


The School works with students on their individual path of self-awareness by providing reading materials, exercises and feedback on their reports.


The School curriculum is divided into courses, each of which includes a number of lessons. Each lesson includes study material, practical exercises and a series of questions to answer at the end of the lesson. Students receive feedback on their work, not on their lives or personalities.


The exercises and guided experiments are designed to help the student become more aware of their qualities and resources and to strengthen and inspire their growth. As requirements, students are expected to dedicate 15 to 30 minutes a day on the study of papers and between 10 to 15 minutes a day on practical activities such as journaling, free drawing, visualization techniques, etc. School students are part of a group that functions as a subjective reality. By entering the School, participants collaborate to this group, and to the collective ongoing synthesis of the planetary consciousness.