Psicosíntesis Counseling

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On Self-training

The School understands training in a broad, non-academic sense. It is about educating, literally evoking the qualities and awareness that exist in each of us.


In Psychosynthesis this includes the development of a dynamic and creative attitude to life. According to Assagioli, Psychosynthesis aims to harmonize and direct the various conscious and unconscious psychological components and bring them together in a balanced and fruitful synthesis.


Like Assagioli, this School believes Psychosynthesis is, among other things, a path of self-initiated training towards the full development of the person and leading to inner harmony.


The training sequence of the School is as follows:

  • After applying to the School, a lesson is sent by email, indicating suggested readings and practical application.
  • The student studies the material, works on the exercises and writes a brief report. The report is sent by email to the School at the end of the lesson period.
  • The School provides feedback and a new lesson is sent.