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Entering the training sequence at one or another course is largely dependent on the applicant’s background. The courses are offered in a sequential order in order of increasing complexity and meet the 7 points listed by Assagioli as a training in any Psychosynthesis program. To these we offer other, complementary course components.


A whole sequence of self-training may extend from one to three years. Throughout this time students work on the three main aspects of Psychosynthesis: personal, transpersonal, and interpersonal and are engaged at various stages in developing the three main principles of synthesis: knowing (awareness), loving-understanding (compassion) and will (transformation and transmutation). The courses always offer a conceptual and an experiential component.


No diplomas or certificates are issued, and no advice or therapy is provided. In addition to the materials provided by the school, some books will be needed.


  • Introduction to Psychosynthesis
  • Identification and disidentification
  • Integration of the personality
  • Transformation and transmutation of energies
  • Development of consciousness
  • Functions of consciousness
  • The Will
  • The ideal model
  • Synthesis
  • The superconscious
  • The transpersonal Self
  • Interpersonal Psychosynthesis: from the couple to humanity
  • Relationships in groups
  • Eco-bio-psycho-synthesis
  • Spiritual principles and laws (this course is independent)Introducción a Psicosíntesis



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The School is supported entirely by donations. Donations are used:


  • To support the existence of the School project
  • To spread and extend the study and practice of Psychosynthesis to people in the world who cannot afford the costs of workshops
  • To spread and extend the study and practice of Psychosynthesis in geographic areas with no Psychosynthesis centers or practitioners.
  • To cover office expenses, postal service, stationery, website management and translations, staff and consultants.


We are all co-responsible in group work. We welcome and encourage all students to contribute to the School, proportionally to their possibility and financial situation. In this way we help to keep the flow of energy alive and dynamic.